Shambles sheep key rings.
Shambles sheep key rings.
Shambles sheep key rings.
Shambles sheep key rings.
Shambles sheep key rings.

Shambles sheep key rings.

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Introducing the Shambles crew five loveable sheep with outrageous personalities.

Shamble sheep key rings.

Made of synthetic materials and a brass keyring and clasp.

Each measures approx 17cm x 9cm

KAREN: Rules don’t apply to Karen. She’s ordering wine at lunch, wine at dinner, and a nice whine session with her best friends after dessert. Karen is a complete disaster in her personal life, but it’s nothing a few glasses of Chardonnay won’t fade away, and honestly, who can blame her? She’s a little bugger with an infectious laugh, which is why everyone loves her.

SHARON: Remember the 90’s? Sharon doesn’t. Sharon can barely remember yesterday, let alone last week or last year. Sharon lives every moment like it’s the greatest, and you can’t help but have a good time around her. Just make sure you take a few days off of work afterwards, because she likes to party...heartily.

ANGE: “Oh no, here comes Ange!” You can’t miss an Ange entrance at a party. She’s boisterous, funny and so sweet, you can easily overlook the fact that she’s parked on your front lawn. Ange has no time for society’s “rules.” Ange likes to live life on her terms - even if it makes everyone around her wonder, “What the hell is Ange talking about?!”

RICHIE: Looking to have a good time? Call Richie! Just don’t expect Richie to be on time for the fun. Richie will show up two martinis deep and thirty minutes late. But this little bugger is just so cute andfunny, you can’t help but smile - and ask him “Hey, could you make me one of whatever you’re drinking?” 

JANICE: Don’t bother asking Janice to keep a secret or hold your valuables. She’ll innocently gossip away your news and promptly lose your stuff. She’s cuddly, sweet, fun and a complete flake. If you want the inside scoop on what’s going on in town, ask Janice. If you want someone to watch your pet for a few days while you’re away - DO NOT ASK JANICE.